Medical Footwear

Triple D medical footwear provides comfort and safety while upholding the strict sterile standards expected of every medical facility. We craft our footwear with high-quality materials that withstand the demanding nature of a busy medical environment. Hospitals are notoriously efficient vectors for the transmission of bacteria and viruses. Outfitting your staff with first-class, comfortable footwear is another essential safeguard against the spread of disease.

Slip Resistance

One of the key features of Triple D medical footwear is the slip-resistant outsole. This is particularly important in a healthcare setting, where spills and wet floors are common. The slip-resistant outsole prevents accidents, which can be especially dangerous for healthcare workers who are on their feet for sometimes hours at a time.

Reliable Protection

In addition to the slip-resistant outsole, Triple D medical footwear incorporates a number of other safety features. Many shoes have a steel toe, which helps protect the wearer from falling objects or other hazards that present in a medical setting. Other features include reflective material, which is helpful in low-light situations, and padded insoles to provide extra support for those daunting 16 and 24-hour shifts.


Comfort is an absolute necessity when in medical footwear. Triple D understands that our healthcare heroes deserve a service that honors their commitment to exceptional service. Our medical footwear utilizes comforting features such as padded collars, breathable linings, and removable insoles, which help to reduce fatigue and keep them comfortable throughout the day.


In addition to safety and comfort, Triple D medical footwear puts an emphasis on style. We feature a diverse catalog. Entrust Triple D and your staff and guests will enjoy the personalized touch that brings a splash of color and personality into an often cold and impersonal setting. This boosts morale and optimizes performance, which translates to an elevated patient experience.

Full Service

Specialized delivery systems, advanced inventory management, an expert repair/replacement program, and a world-class customer support team reinforce a comprehensive service dedicated to bringing peace of mind to your staff, so they can deliver the exceptional care their guests deserve.

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