retain industrial workers

How Uniform Service Helps Retain Industrial Workers

Industrial workers face substantial and unique challenges every workday, and keeping them content in their positions is essential. Uniform service helps retain industrial workers thanks to many surprisingly helpful benefits to employees.

floor mats improve customer experience

How Floor Mats Improve Customer Experience 

Did you know that your floor mats improve customer experience? As simple as they are, floor mats can help sway customer experience towards or away from your business. How exactly do floor mats do that? And how can you better secure the right quality of floor mats that can benefit your brand? The Main Ways […]

common mistakes uniform care

Common Mistakes in Uniform Care 

Owning a uniform inventory will always come at a cost. There are many mistakes to avoid with uniform care that can raise costs if their maintenance is done improperly. Among other things, poor uniform care can lower the overall quality of your uniforms. Then there’s the matter of longevity. Badly maintained uniforms are more susceptible […]

2022 uniform service

Why 2022 is the Year for Uniform Service

Still on the fence about hiring uniform service? The challenges that lay ahead this new year might just change your mind. We’ve got a couple of reasons why 2022 is the year for uniform service:

restaurant uniform service

Benefits of Restaurant Uniform Service

Triple D is the Texas restaurant uniform expert that has all your needs covered. The benefits of restaurant uniform service through Triple D are too numerous to ignore. 

Why Rent Industrial Uniforms? 

Industrial uniforms are more than garments worn during a shift. They can transform industrial work into a more comfortable and much safer experience. To get those results, however, it takes more than finding the perfect uniform.

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