Mops & Towels

Mops & Towels

Triple D Uniform is your complete solution for facilities services.
We provide a line of both dry and wet mops. Like uniforms, we can put your custodial staff on a program to help them keep their cleaning tools
fresh and functional.

A regular program of maintaining mops and towels can not only help you save money, but ensure that your facilities are actually getting cleaned. Like any other tool, mops can begin to wear down leaving dirt and film over your floor surfaces. By replacing your mops and mop heads on a regular basis you can maintain a truly clean facility while staying within your maintenance budget.


Hand Towels and
Shop Rags

Most of the dust and dirt cleaned from a building is brought into the building from the outside. Remember when your mom always told you to wipe your feet?

That’s because she new that the first defense in the battle to maintain a clean home is to have a good floor mat in place.

Not only do floor mats help keep your building clean, but they provide a welcome feeling to your visitors.

With many sizes and colors options available call us today so we can put together a custom mat program for your facility.


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