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Are you sporting the best and safest footwear while on the go in a fast-paced healthcare industry?

What Separates Triple D from its Competitors?

Triple D Uniform & Linen Services starts and ends with the customer’s satisfaction as #1 on the priority list. Quality, service, and comfortability make all the difference in the level of care that extends to the patients in need. Other services often focus solely on the ones and zeros of sales and the bottom line. We offer a standard of care that strives to match the dedication of our healthcare heroes.

But what’s the secret ingredient that enables us to reach such a diverse clientele and develop lasting relationships?

Footwear Quality

What good is a pretty shoe if it doesn’t meet the demands of a 12 hour-shift spent mostly on your feet? You need a shoe that is durable, comfortable, breathable, and can keep up with the physicality of the job. Triple D provides the best. With over 50 years of experience, we’ve cultivated a footwear catalog that is consistently great from top to bottom.


Hygiene and general cleanliness are paramount in every industry, but when it comes to healthcare, you can highlight it in bold and put an exclamation point at the end! In a health facility, there’s more at risk than the superficiality of head-turning apparel. That’s why you need a rental service provider that understands the importance of minimizing risk to patients through upholding strict standards of cleanliness.

Style & Dependability

In a world where first impressions mean everything, uniforms, especially shoes, become an extension of ourselves. Think of them as an outward reflection of your personality. Triple D Uniform & Linen Services understands the importance of functionality, style, and how to integrate the two into a shoe that supports the demands of a grueling industry.

Additionally, a rental service provider should be counted on to be on time with deliveries and product availability, especially in an arena where time is of the essence. You can rest easy knowing that you’re putting your trust in a provider that meets the high standards demanded of them on a consistent basis. 

Triple D: Houston’s Premier Uniform & Linen Service Provider

Uniform and Linen service companies are a dime a dozen. What separates us from the rat race in the battle for uniform supremacy is our longstanding dedication to excellence since 1971. Trust is something that can’t be bought. It’s earned with time. Triple D is woven into the fabric of Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, thanks to our unwavering commitment to the great state of Texas. 

Our product line comes with enough variation so no one feels left out. We pride ourselves in having something for everybody regardless of size, style, and overall fit. With our expertise gained through years of dedication to this industry, feel confident knowing that our products will only enhance your well-being in the place where it’s most important – healthcare. 

Triple D Uniform & Linen is the Best Footwear Rental Service in Houston

You won’t find a better service and more reliable experience in footwear and apparel than right here with us. Contact us at 1-877-977-2653 to speak with a member of our team who will walk you through your options. Additionally, you may also fill out this form for a free quote.

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